Planning, Design and Implementation
November 3-5, 2003
Holiday Inn by the Bay, Portland, Maine





Casco Bay Estuary Partnership


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I.  Keynotes

Gary Oberts, Snowmelt Research and Management: Ready for the Next Big Step abstract
Sveinn Thorolfsson, Problems in Urban Drainage in Cold Climate:  Experience in the North European Atlantic Region abstract  
II.  Urban Snow Management

Annette Semadeni-Davies, Observation and Modelling of Urban Snow  abstract

Gary Oberts, Meltwater Treatment Practices: The Basics abstract

Stephen F. Daly, Improving the Corps of Engineers Snowmelt Modeling Capabilities  abstract
III.  Stormwater Design for Roads and Highways

Richard A. Claytor, Jr., Retrofitting a Public Works Highway Yard with Stormwater Treatment

Michael G. Darga, Miller Road: A Case Study in Urban Road Stormwater Treatment  abstract
Carina Färm, Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance of Detention Ponds for Road Runoff  abstract

IV.  Urban Snow Management Studies

David Mongeau, Pamela J. Deahl, Treatment of Stormwater Runoff from Snow Melt at the Portland Snow Dump

Douglas L. Heath, Road Salt Impacts to Lakes and Streams fromInterstate 93 and Adjacent Roads in Southern New Hampshire abstract
V.  Stormwater Treatment Practice: Design, Construction and Maintenance

Clinton Pinks, Design and Construction of Stormwater Management Projects in Alaska  abstract
Eileen Pannetier, Designed to Fail: Why Most Commonly Used Designs Will Fail and How to Fix The abstract

Gregory R. Baryluk, Gregg Novick, Stormwater Quality and Quantity Management via Underground Systems  abstract
VI.  Groundwater Infiltration as a Stormwater Management Tool

Andrew Potts, Adapting Porous Pavement and Other Infiltration BMPs to a Cold Climate  abstract

Daniel Holzman, Design of Stormwater Infiltration Systems for Cold Climates: A Case Study  abstract

John Hopek, Stormwater Infiltration Impacts on Groundwater Quality at Industrial and Commercial Sites in Southern Maine: Results of Long-Term Compliance Monitoring abstract
VII.  Stormwater Impacts and Treatment

Tim Van Seters, Performance Assessment of Various Stormwater Treatment Facilities: Toronto, Canada abstract

Robert Roseen, Seasonal Effects on Stormwater Microbiology and Effects of Standard Treatment Methods abstract
Terri-Ann P. Hahn, A String of Pearls: Using BMPs in Sequence to Enhance Nutrient Removals  abstract

Eric Strecker, Marcus Quigley, Assessment of Cold Weather Highway Runoff Water Quality and BMP Performance

Scott Nolan,  Natalie Landry, Stormwater Treatment Evaluation Project in Seabrook, New Hampshire  abstract
VIII.  Planning for Stormwater through Low Impact Development

Evan RichertUnintended Consequences  abstract
Chet Arnold, Stormwater-Friendly Design in Cold Climates: An Uncritical Review abstract 
IX.  Ecological Impacts and Impervious Surface Areas

Jeffrey Varricchione, Susanne Meidel, Summary of the Impacts of Urbanization on Selected Maine Streams Detected by the Maine DEP abstract

Deborah Caraco, New Research on Impervious Cover  abstract

Jack Kartez, Visualizing Watershed Health: Access to Current Tools  abstract
X.  Watershed Assessment and Restoration

John Field, Using Fluvial Geomorphology to Assess and Restore Streams Impacted by Urbanization  abstract
Kathleen D. White, Cold Climate Considerations in Stream Restoration abstract

Lori BargBob Kort, The Most Bang for the Buck: Developing a Watershed Restoration Plan for a Rapidly Urbanizing Vermont Watershed abstract

XI.  Planning and Design for Stormwater Management

Reid R. Coffman, Green Roofs and Urban Stormwater Management: An Industry Review for Cold Weather Climates abstract
Katrin Scholz-Barth, Green Roofs: Feasibility and Practicality for Stormwater Management in Cold Climates abstract

Amy Prouty Gill, Alan G. LeBlanc, John Z. Olcott, Jr., Stormwater Basins and Aesthetics: Not a Contradiction  abstract

XII.  Stormwater Managment and Maintenance

John J. LaGorga, Reducing Nutrient Runoff from Agricultural and Urban Sites in Syracuse, NY abstract
Andrea Donlon, Rebekah Lacey, Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination: State/Local Partnerships Part I Part 2

Vaikko Allen, Performance of a Vortechs System during Cold Weather Precipitation and Snow Melt Events abstract

XIII.  Stormwater  Treatment Practice

Chris Spelic, Performance of Porous Pavement in Cold Climates  abstract

Eric Strecker, Assessment of Cold Weather Highway Runoff Water Quality and BMP Performance abstract

XIV.  Stormwater Financing

Paul Tischler, Comparing Stormwater Utilities to Impact Fees abstract
Phillip Davenport, The Virginia Beach Stormwater Utility: A Case Study of the First Ten Years  abstract

D. Scott Johnstone, Financing Stormwater Planning, Infrastructure and Maintenance: Filling the Tool Box with Choices and Selecting the Correct Tools for Each Situation abstract

Todd Janeski, Maine Model Stormwater Management Utility  abstract
XV.  Stormwater Financing and Local Management

William J. Johnston Functional Distribution of the Virginia Beach Stormwater Management Utility  abstract

Kristie Rabasca, Robert Patten, Stormwater Phase II Implementation Costs and Funding Availability  abstract

Jeff Edelstein, Katherine Earley, Brenda Zollitsch The Casco Bay Interlocal Stormwater Working Group: A Case Study of

Brenda Zollitsch, Documenting the Experience of Participating 
in a Regionalization Effort to Control Stormwater Pollution in Southern Maine:  A Qualitative Study of the Casco Bay Interlocal Stormwater Working Group




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