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TURN EXPERIENCE INTO CREDIT TOWARDS MHRT/C CERTIFICATION: Please see a list of Maine's colleges/universities that offer Prior Learning Assessment here.

The MHRT/C certification program is currently being redesigned.  For details please visit the DHHS-SAMHS' website.

The academic and non-academic MHRT/C review and approval process is on hold while the program is being redesigned.  Please click here for more information.

Prior Learning Assessment and MHRT/C Certification

Prior Learning Assessment and USM

For information on PLA at USM only, contact:
Ashley Collins
USM Office of Prior Learning Assessment
Phone: (207) 780-5909
Email: ashley.collins@maine.edu

Prior Learning Assessment and UMA

For information on PLA at UMA only, contact:
Haley Brown
UMA Office of Enrollment Services
Phone: (207) 621-3130
Email: hbrown120@maine.edu

For a list of all of Maine's colleges/universities that offer Prior Learning Assessment follow this link.
NOTE: Please continue to contact the Center for Learning for all MHRT/C-related inquiries at 626-5280.

The Center for Learning (CFL)

By overseeing competency-based certification programs for staff working in the mental health field, CFL supports best practice and informs policy in the area of workforce development. In administering the Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician (MHRT) certification programs, CFL develops knowledge competencies, designs and implements quality assurance processes, and assesses workers' qualifications. CFL also collaborates with academic institutions and other agencies in Maine that provide education and training to ensure that mental health courses, programs and trainers meet standards outlined in the MHRT/C Procedural Guidelines and Trainer and Curriculum Standards.

Mental health workers with MHRT certification provide residential, community, and crisis services to persons with mental health needs throughout the state of Maine. This website contains information about the MHRT certification programs, the Mental Health Support Specialist training, and tuition reimbursement and workshop allocations. For a brief description of all of the MHRT certificates, the mental health workers and the roles they perform, please click on the link below:

[View Certification and Role Descriptions]