About The Center for Learning

The Center for Learning (CFL) at the Muskie School of Public Service collaborates with the Maine Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (DHHS-SAMHS) to promote excellence in the mental health workforce. Located in the Haynes Building, 12 East Chestnut Street, Augusta, Maine, the Center for Learning has been operating since November of 1996.

Contact us:

The Center for Learning
12 East Chestnut St.
Augusta, MEĀ  04330
Phone: 207-626-5280
Fax: 207-626-5022
TTY: 207-626-5282

Email: cfl-muskie@maine.edu

CFL Staff

Jeanne Hackett, MA, Policy Associate II
Center for Learning
Phone: 207-626-5002, Email: jeanne.hackett@maine.edu

Jacinda Dionne, M.Ed., Certification Specialist
Center for Learning
Phone: 207-626-5086, Email: jacinda.dionne@maine.edu

Scott Bernier, M.S., Certification Assistant
Center for Learning
Phone: 207-626-5280, Email: sbernier@maine.edu