Workshop Allocations - for DHHS Adult Mental Health Staff only

  Professional Development Workshop Allocations

DHHS-Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health has assigned funds for professional development of their adult mental health staff through the Cooperative Agreement with the Muskie School of Public Service, Center for Learning. These funds may be used to cover the registration costs for workshops that are not offered through DHHS.

Who is eligible to apply?

DHHS Adult Mental Health Staff employed by the Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services are eligible to apply for funds to attend outside workshops. These funds do not apply to state hospital employees.

When to Apply?

PLEASE APPLY EARLY! Requests for Professional Development Workshop fees must be submitted at least THREE WEEKS IN ADVANCE in order to allow adequate time to process.

How to Apply:


  • Complete the "Professional Development Workshop Allocation" form. The Form is available here in MS Word or Adobe PDF (requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader) or at your regional or central office.
  • Complete the registration form of the appropriate training that you want to attend, being sure to print clearly and legibly.
  • Attach a completed registration and a copy of the appropriate training brochure to the Professional Development Workshop Allocation form. Be sure to keep a copy of the material for yourself.
  • Obtain the required signature from the SAMHS Authorized Approver. (Be sure to follow the procedure on the form for obtaining proper signatures):

    Authorized Approvers (as of 10/23/17):   
    Tom Connors
    Victor Dumais
    Leticia Huttman
    Mike Parks
    Sheldon Wheeler

  • Send completed form with attached materials at least three weeks in advance of the workshop to:
    Scott Bernier, Project Assistant
    Muskie School of Public Service
    The Center for Learning
    12 East Chestnut St.
    Augusta, ME 04330

    Paperwork may be faxed or mailed. Scott’s fax number at CFL is: 626-5022.
How Does the Procedure Work?


  1. Scott Bernier, Project Assistant with Muskie School, receives the registration request. He processes the registration for payment and sends it to the USM Business Office in Gorham. This phase of the process usually takes one day.
  2. The staff member is sent an e-mail to confirm that the registration has been submitted for a request for payment.
  3. It takes at least 6-10 days for the check to be processed. As a result, please be sure to submit your registration request at least three weeks in advance.

Note: In most cases, the workshop sponsor only registers participants when he/she has received the payment. At that time, the workshop sponsor usually sends out a confirmation to you.



  • Be sure to check with the workshop sponsor a few days before the training to confirm your registration.
  • Keep a record of your workshop date, time, and place so that you know where and when your workshop is scheduled.

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