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PLEASE NOTE: The Federal grant for the NRCOI ended on September 29, 2014. This website is remaining live to keep the resources and information the NRCOI has published throughout the years easily accessible. This information is not being updated.
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Budgets and Funding
Family Involvement
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Programs and Services
School System

Budgets and Funding

Caseworker Visit Funding Projects- 11/14/2011
Request: "We are interested in hearing what projects other states funded with their caseworker visit funding. Michigan has done caseworker training and are looking for ideas for other angles or projects that are fresh but effective."

IV-B Monthly Caseworker Visit Funds - 12/20/10
Request: "Two and half years ago Alabama asked how states were using the federal caseworker visit funds to get the most effective results.  Iowa would like to request the question be asked again as we need to identify more effective ways to utilize the funding.  So…the question is:  How are states utilizing the IV-B monthly caseworker visit funds to increase caseworker visits?"

Tracking CFSR Preparation Costs - 09/14/09
Request: "In preparing for our CFSR next year, Iowa would like to know how other states tracked their staff time/costs and other costs associated with preparing for the CFSR.  Also, we would like to know if any states have suggestions or lessons learned regarding this issue.” 
Click here to view a Draft Expense Budget from PA
Click here to view a Draft Expense Budget Excel Sheet from PA

Caseworker Visit Grant Funds - 05/22/08
Request: "We want to use our federal Caseworker Visit Grant funds to get the most effective results possible.  We are interested in learning how other states have used this money."

Reimbursing Foster Parents Involved in On-Site Reviews - 03/18/08
Request: "I was wondering if any State's have used stipends to reimburse foster parents to serve as reviewers on their CFSR onsite state review teams, and if so, what the amount of the stipend was (outside of travel, lodging and meals for which they will already be reimbursed)?"

IV-E Funding - 03/09/07
Request: From Montana: “I have another question for the state contacts concerning candidates under IV-E funding.
- Which State are billing for candidates?  Is this only for admin costs or have services been billed under candidacy?
- Which of the States billing for candidates have agreements or contracts passing IV-E funding to Tribal governments?
- Of the States indicating they have Tribal agreements, how is billing for candidates handled in the Tribal contracts/agreements? Have these expenditures been audited/reviewed. If so, were the audit/review findings positive? If errors were cited what were the findings that lead to the errors?
- Are there States which had previously billed for candidates but no longer do so and why; and the states that don't, why not?"

Case Reading Tools and Baseline Data

Case Reading Tools and Baseline Data - 10/20/09
“Michigan is currently developing our PIP and we were hoping to get information from other states on how they obtained their baseline data for measuring and any case reading tools they are using."


CFSR Consultants - 05/14/09
Request: "RI will have its CFSR on-site review in 2010 and is considering hiring a consultant to help coordinate the CFSR process as it begins its Statewide Assessment work.  What other states have used consultants to serve as CFSR Coordinators or serve in a significant coordinating role during the CFSR process (e.g., Statewide Assessment through PIP development)? For those that have used consultants, could they provide some information in response to the following questions:
- How much time did they contracted for with the consultants?
- What types of activities did the consultants direct/undertake to support the process?
- What types of characteristics do consultants need to be effective (e.g., familiarity with the agency, links to key decision-makers/agency leadership, experience with the CFSR process, etc.)?
- What are some of the challenges in using consultants in this role?."

Contracting out Case Management and Service Array - 10/08/08
Request: "Nebraska is in need of some technical support/advice/guidance related to contracting out case management and our service array. We are in particular need of assistance from states who can provide detailed information on development of case rates, administrative costs, IV-E claiming for Admin and Services, SACWIS issues. We have reviewed the materials located on the NCR for QI and Privatization, but are in need of talking to states who can discuss particulars of what decisions they made regarding the costs, why they made the decisions they did and if they had to do it over again what would they change."

Resolving Grievances with Contractors and Providers - 08/25/06
Request: "The District of Columbia is interested in learning whether states have established protocols for raising issues and resolving disputes/grievances within their contractual relationships with community based placement providers for the following issues: Licensing; Monitoring and Performance; Payment and Contracts; and Client Issues"


Documentation Tools - 06/13/08
Request: "Have any of the states developed a documentation tool/guide, that staff can use to guide them in documenting case contacts with parents and/or children which will facilitate capturing safety, permanency, well-being, and case planning progress?"

Note: To view the documentation tools submitted in response to this request, click here.

Family Involvement

Family Involvement in the CFSR - 09/11/07
Request: “My Resource Center wants to hold a teleconference this Fall focusing on the involvement of family members (birth parents, foster parents, kinship parents, adoptive parents) in the CFSR. I'm particularly interested in the States who have had or will have their onsite review in 2007 and the plans the 2008 States are making for this kind of involvement. Could you drop me a note and let me know if anything like that is going on or is in the plans?"

Engaging Fathers - 09/28/09
Request: "As they're working on their PIP, VI is looking for state examples on father engagement. Do any of you have suggestions or examples on action steps and bench marks around engaging fathers?"


Working with the Media - 03/19/2009
Request: "Cheryl MacDougall from New Jersey is looking for information on how states have approached working the media and, more specifically, what states have done to prepare their public information officers (i.e. how to convey the strengths/positives when they're not passing certain federal measures)."
Note: There were no responses to this request for information; however, the NRCOI held a Teleconference on 05/18/2004 related to this topic - Successful Media Strategies: Working with the Media to Improve the Image of Child Welfare
This teleconference focused on working more closely with the media to improve child welfare’s image. Topics included: 1) being proactive with the media; 2) developing a relationship with the media; and 3) getting your message across. These areas were explored especially in relation to the CFSR process. The second part of the teleconference gave specific examples of states working with the media and included: 1) educating the public regarding child protective services; 2) dealing with crisis situations; 3) advocating for staff and resources; and 4) improving child welfare’s image in general. Below are the materials from that teleconference, and an audio file can be found from

Teleconference Agenda
Communication Strategy
Interview Etiquette
Strategy Grid
Talking to the Media
A Guideline for Working with Reporters

Exit Conferences Open to the Public - 03/31/08
Request: " 1. Which states in Round 2 have had Exit Conferences open to the public? 2. What has been the result? Good press/Bad press/Other?”

Newsletters and Helpful Hints

CFSR Newsletters and Helpful Hints - 09/25/07
Request: "We are going to be developing a CFSR Newsletter to be sent out to public Children and Youth agencies, Private providers, and all the members of our CFSR Steering and Quality Improvement Committees that will provide them with updates on the CFSR, helpful hints, etc.  I was wondering if any other state currently has something like this that they would be willing to share with us as an example of how that might look?"


Ombudsman - 01/02/07
Request: "How many states have an Ombudsman and does it impact your CPS system?"


Improving Stability - 10/02/06
Request: "As we (Missouri) are moving into the last quarters of our PIP, we continue to look at ways to improve stability.  I would like to see what other states have done to improve this outcome.  What factors have helped?  I am specifically interested in information on pre-placement activities and placement matching tools."

Policies and Practices

Policies on Father and Non-Custodial Parent Engagement- 1/29/2013
Request: "Are there any states willing to share their policies on father and non-custodial parent engagement?  The policies could be related to any phase of the process, intake, assessment, case management, etc.  We really would like to learn from our peers.”
Materials shared by states:
- 1.6 Family Service Plan
- 2.1.1 Placement in a Non-Certified Home
- 2.1.2 Placement with a Non-Custodial Parent
- 2.2 Diligent Search
- 2.4 Preserving Connections Policy
- 5.2.7 Working with Incarcerated Parents
- 11-13 Engaging Fathers Position Paper
- Region II Father Engagement Plan (PPT)
- Region II Father Engagement Program Improvement Plan
- Fathers Matter Information Flyer
- Father Engagement Through the Life of the Case
- Non-Custodial Parent Policy Excerpts
- SSA#12-35 Fathers, Non-Custodial Parents, Incarcerated Parents
- Family Centered Approach Practice Guide

Effective Approaches for Children Who Run Away from Placements- 7/10/2012
Request: "Do you have an effective approach to children who run away from placement?
We would appreciate information on program, policies, procedures, and lessons learned that are effective at:
·         Reducing the number of youth from running from placement?
·         Reducing the length of time youth are on the run.
We’re seeking this information as quickly as possible to help us develop and implement additional strategies that will keep children safe.”

Credit Reporting Requirements of the new Child Welfare Act and Adapting to Become Trauma-Informed- 3/27/2012
Request: "How are states handling the credit report monitoring requirement of the new Child Welfare Act?” and “Are any states currently working on adapting to become trauma-informed, and if so, what steps are being taken to do this?”
Materials shared by states:
DC AI - Protecting Children in Care from Identity Theft

New CAPTA Requirment (Section 106(d)(10)) Data Collection- 3/16/2012
Request: "There is a new CAPTA requirement at section 106(d)(10) that requires each state include data on the number of child protective services personnel; including average caseloads, education and training requirements, demographic information, and workload requirements. We were wondering if any states have developed a survey or any other method to collect this data?  And if so, if it could be shared with us?”
Materials shared by states:
IA Social Work Survey

Composite Scores for PIP Meaures - 11/04/2011
Request: "We were wondering if other states included in their PIP, measures related to reunification or another composite area that were not the straight composite score.  For example, are you aware of any states that included a measure with different target goals by age or region?”
Materials shared by states:
NY Statewide P3 Time to Permanent Exit
NY Statewide P4 Time to Permanent Exit

On-site Visit with ACF - 05/31/2011
Request: "PA is approaching the end of year one for their PIP in June and will be scheduling their onsite visit with ACF.  They would like to know if any states who have already had their meeting would be willing to share how the meeting went as far as what was on the agenda, what stakeholders they invited to the meeting, etc?”
Materials shared by states:
Delaware Annual CFSR-PIP Review Agenda
Idaho PIP Exit Meeting Agenda

State Legislation - 02/09/2011
Request: Oregon is needing to find out if any State's have legislation that allows legislators to have access to see/disclose child welfare records.
Materials shared by states:
Utah Code Title 62A, Chapter 4a, Section 207
Relevant Section of Utah Code Highlighted

Notice to Caregivers of Court Hearing - 01/25/2011
Request: "Washington State is likely to have an “Area in Need of Improvement”  on CFSR Item # 29: Notice to Caregivers of Court Hearing.  What strategies have other states used to improve notification to caregivers of court hearings? We believe foster parents and relative caregivers receive notice much of the time,  but foster parents consistently report that they are not notified.  We speculate that the core issue is the usefulness of the information provided.  We plan to discuss this further with caregivers and would like to have some idea of the approaches that have been used elsewhere."
Materials shared by states:
Hearing Notification Form - OK
Guidelines for Developing Protocols with Juvenile Courts - AL
Court Improvement PIP Draft - MS
Meeting Notification Form - TN

Re-entry Strategies - 03/31/2008
Request: "Is anyone is aware of any research that has been done that looked at re-entry strategies that States implemented in their PIP as a result of the CFSR?"

Initiating Child Maltreatment Reports - 09/18/07
Request: "I need information on other states' policy on time frames for initiating child maltreatment reports. What does 'initiating' mean in their state if other than contact with the child victim?"

Authority to Remove Children - 04/23/2007
Request: "What entities in your state have statutory authority to remove children from the home? - Child welfare or CPS staff; Law Enforcement; Juvenile Officer or other court personnel; Physician; Other, please specify."

Policy Manual for Agency - 02/06/07
Request: " We (Washington State child welfare agency) are about to develop a new policy manual for our agency.  Specifically I am looking for an easy to understand framework that works well for social workers and their supervisors. I am wondering if you know of states that have done anything similar with their manuals"

Jury Trials for Termination of Parental Rights - 01/02/07
Request: "How many states have jury trials at termination of parental rights and has this helped with permanency?"

Programs and Services

Issues Specific to Youth Services - 10/08/08
Request: "In the WV CFSR, issues were identified specific to the youth services (i.e. status offenders) population. As they begin their PIP, they're looking for information as to how other states are dealing with issues specific to their youth services / juvenile justice populations. I don't know how many states claim IV-E on these populations and thought some of you might have some insights."

Community Based Program - 03/23/07
Request: From Washington, DC "CFSA has been tasked with researching and proposing a model for a PINS/CHINS type community based program that is evidence based and can address a wide range of issues/behaviors affecting children/youth and families.  We are trying to find out whether any states or counties have developed programs that focus on keeping children/youth out of the juvenile justice or CA/N systems."

Process Mapping

CQI Processes- 07/17/2013
Request: "We are curious to hear what other states are doing now while we awaitfurther direction.
   Are other states redesigning their case review process, if so, how?
   Have they suspended case file reviews for the time being?
   What models of review or CQI methods are other states exploring to move forward with the ACF CQI IM?
   Have the pilot states selected for an "assessment" of their CQI systems been reviewed yet and if so, what are the outcomes?"

Process Mapping - 06/18/08
Request: "One of the delays we may have for children's permanency is the way we are organizing our offices and who does specific work. Statewide, field offices are structured differently. In fact, one size will not fit all due to the high volume of cases that are handled in an urban area and small case loads spread among scanty staff in rural areas. However, we feel we could benefit from "process mapping." Our Division Administrator has asked that we conduct process mapping in each office. Do you know anyone who has done process mapping? What procedures do they use?  The type of process mapping I am referring to is to discuss the structure of child protection offices. How many times is a case transferred to a specialized unit? Who does what work? For example, is the risk assessor carrying the case for 60 days and developing the service plan? Then is the case transferred for case management? Some units have concurrent planning workers, adoption workers, etc. We'd like to follow the process of a case as it goes through the field office, determining who and how the work is done."

School System

School Stability for Foster Children - 08/09/06
Request: "The District of Columbia is interested in learning whether states have established protocols for raising issues and resolving disputes/grievances within their contractual relationships with community based placement providers for the following issues: Licensing; Monitoring and Performance; Payment and Contracts; and Client Issues"

Engaging the School System - 07/31/06
Request: "We’re looking for sources to help us be more successful in engaging the school system to meet the educational needs of children in DC's child welfare system.  We have had some success at the neighborhood school/principal level, but have not yet successfully engaged the system-wide/DC superintendent level.  DC is unique because it's kind of a state/one site jurisdiction." 


Promoting Ongoing Stakeholder Involvement - 03/12/10
Request: "Can any of you point us to innovative efforts to create permanent or semi-permanency structures that promote ongoing stakeholder involvement in program improvements and the life of the agency?  We are aware of North Carolina's State Collaborative for Children and Families and Iowa's Child Welfare Stakeholder Panel, but we are looking for other examples to consider highlighting during our May 6 National Teleconference/Webinar on this topic!  Please send us any examples you are aware of.  Thank you!"
Materials shared by states:
Advisory Board Agenda - AR
Advisory Board Minutes - AR
Advisory Committee Members - VA
Advisory Committee Charter - VA

Stakeholder Orientation Packets - 01/04/08
Request: "California is putting together an orientation packet to prepare state-level stakeholders who will be interviewed during their upcoming CFSR Onsite Review.  Have other states prepared such orientation materials?"

Structuring Stakeholder Meetings - 02/12/07
Request: "Arizona will be convening a group of approximately 80 stakeholders in who represent a range of organizations, systems and perspectives related to child welfare.  The morning will be used to give them an overview of the CFSR, summarize Arizona's data, PIP initiatives, ongoing involvement of stakeholders in agency activities and other critical information and then encourage them to participate in the CFSR process beginning with the Statewide Assessment. 
In the afternoon, the participants will break into smaller groups for 1-2 hours focused on the key Safety, Permanence and Well-Being outcomes. Arizona's Practice Improvement Specialists will facilitate these groups with the goal of providing them with some key information on how Arizona has been doing and then engaging them in discussions about what has been working well, what needs attention, what the underlying issues are that explain Arizona's performance, etc.
The questions for other states are:
* How have they structured similar meetings with stakeholders as part of their Statewide Assessment or CFSP activities to gather targeted and evaluative information?
* Do they have any examples of materials such as facilitator techniques, ground rules, key topic questions, etc. that would help prepare facilitators and participants for these sessions?"

Note: To view the documents submitted in response to this request, click here.

Involving Community Stakeholders in PIPs and Five-Year Plans - 10/16/06
Request: "How do you involve community stakeholders in PIPs/Five year plans? What are some creative strategies you have used to keep them involved?"


Cultural Awareness Training for Child Protective Services Case Managers- 07/23/2013
Request: "We are in the midst of updating our Cultural Awareness training for Child Protective Services Case Managers. We are wondering if anyone can share what they currently train their staff or can share valuable resources with Arizona. We are looking to update this training by pulling in how cultural awareness will help the CPS Case Manager work with families and to make safety decisions."

Supervision of Supervisors - 05/11/10
Request: "Looking for information regarding supervision of child welfare supervisors. Would be interested in good policy and practice, and any literature you may have come upon regarding this topic."
Materials shared by states:
Supervising CPS Caseworkers User Manual - DE

New Workers in CFSR-Type Reviews - 06/20/07
Request: "We've heard that some States are having their new workers participate in CFSR-type reviews as part of their new worker training. This is something we'd like to know more about—it sounds like a great way to get new workers to understand the CFSR process right from the start."


Note: To view the surveys submitted in response to these request, click here.

Judge / Legal Community Survey - 09/08/09
Request: "Mississippi is in the process of developing their CFSR Statewide Assessment and would like to administer a survey to judges within the State. Does anyone have examples of surveys targeted specifically to judges and/or the legal community that they'd be willing to share?”

Surveys in the QA Process - 01/10/08
Request: Minnesota asks "I am interested in hearing from states that are using written or electronic surveys, instead of interviews, in their QA process to solicit input from stakeholder groups. If folks would be willing to share their documents and provide any information on effectiveness, efficiency and quality of feedback, using surveys it would be greatly appreciated."

CFSR-related Surveys - 09/21/07
Request: “We are interested in collecting surveys that states are using for the CFSR.  We have collected some stakeholder focus group instruments in the recent past, but this time we're interested, specifically, in surveys.”

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