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  State Documents:

Network members graciously shared practice model-related documents which are posted below. We have also added documents shared by states interviewed for the Summer/Fall 2011 issue of NRCOI's newsletter, Child Welfare Matters, and a representative sample of documents from other states. 

State Websites with Multiple Documents

Indiana Indiana Practice Model Information
Michigan MiTEAM - Michigan Case Practice Model
New Jersey New Jersey Department of Children and Families Website
New Mexico New Mexico Piñon Project
North Carolina North Carolina Multiple Response System Documents
Virginia Virginia Children's Services System Transformation

Practice Models (Descriptive Documents)

District of Columbia Practice Model:  Our Foundation for Effective Child Welfare Practice (2/06)
Georgia Family-Centered Case Practice Model (Rev 2/28/09)
Indiana How are the Children in Indiana?  A New Practice Model for Indiana
  Indiana's Practice Model Journey (Video)
Iowa Child Welfare Model of Practice (5/07)
Minnesota Minnesota Child Welfare Practice Model
New Hampshire Practice Model Design and Implementation Project Logic Model
  Beliefs and Guiding Principles
  Practice Model Fact Sheet
New Jersey Case Practice Model (1/07)
North Carolina Multiple Response Systems
  The Application of the Six Principles of Partnership
Utah Practice Model
Vermont Vermont Family Services Practice Model
Virginia Virginia Children’s Services Practice Model
Virginia (Arlington County) Child Welfare Services Practice Model (12/10)
Washington Solution Based Casework
Wisconsin Wisconsin Department of Children and Families Practice Model

Implementation Plans

New Jersey Effecting Change:  Implementing the DCF Case Practice Model. Executive Summary (9/07)
  The Full Plan to Implement the Case Practice Model

Practice Tools for Caseworkers and Supervisors

Indiana Family Functional Assessment Field Guide

This coloring book is used to get children's input for child and family team meetings.
Jill's Child and Family Team Meeting Coloring Book

New Jersey Engaging Families Making Visits Matter Field Guide
The following three optional tools are designed to work together to assist staff in having more effective interactions with families:

Case Presentation and Consultation tool: workers use this to present cases to peers for feedback

  Strategic Interview Plan: workers can use this to plan visits with families
  Observation Tool: used by supervisors to assess worker engagement with families and to guide feedback provided to workers
Pennsylvania Enhancing Critical Thinking: A Supervisor's Guide
  Enhancing Critical Thinking Quick Tool
Washington Coaching to Support Solution Based Casework - NCWWI Webinar and PPT Material

Quality Improvement Approaches

Indiana Practice Indicator Reports
New Jersey Office of Performance Management and Accountability: find information on NJ's Qualitative Review process
North Carolina Multiple Response System Evaluation Reports
Utah Office of Services Review: find qualitative case review (QCR) protocol and other information on monitoring of outcomes and policy compliance, including annual reports
Washington Evaluation of Washington's Solution Based Casework: Partners for Our Children

Feedback Loops

North Carolina Multiple Response System (MRS) meeting notes

Other Sources for State Practice Model Documents (organized by State)

Child Welfare Information Gateway

State Child Welfare Practice Models

National Resource Center on Permanency and Family Connections Hot Topics:  Family Centered Practice and Practice Models


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