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  Continuing Education Units:

What are CEUs?
Continuing education units are a way of quantifying training events that meet certain criteria. 10 hours of training equals 1 CEU. (Example: 6-hour training equals 0.6 CEUs.)

How can you earn CEUs from NRCOI?
CEUs can be earned by attending our teleconferences/webinars. Sessions and lead presenters have been approved by the University of Southern Maine’s Continuing Education Office.

Since Continuing Education Units (CEU's) are regulated differently, you should obtain approval from your agency or licensing board to ensure the CEUs will be acceptable in meeting your requirements prior to registering for CEUs. NRCOI will not provide you with a refund if you find out that our sessions do not meet the requirements determined by your agency or licensing board.

The University of Southern Maine’s Continuing Education Office will issue the CEUs and mail the CEU "grade reports" to participants directly.

Who should pursue CEUs?
- Anyone in the field of child welfare or social work.
- Those seeking recertification in education, social work, etc. (CEUs are not transferable to academic/degree program credits.)
- Individuals seeking in-depth training on specific topics.

How much does it cost?
The fee for CEUs at the University of Southern Maine is $20. The fee is per application, so if you want to sign up for multiple sessions, you may do so for just $20. (You do NOT have to pay $20 per teleconference/webinar.)

How do do you sign up for CEUs through NRCOI?
Follow these easy steps:
1. Register for the teleconferences/webinars for which you wish to obtain credit.
2. Fill out our CEU application form.
3. Prior to the first session you for which you wish to obtain credit, submit the form to Nick Curlew at NRCOI via email or fax it to his attention at 207-780-5817. You may also mail it to the address below.
4. Attend the teleconference/webinar session(s) for which you are seeking CEU credit(s).
5. At the conclusion of the FINAL teleconference/webinar for which you are seeking credit, you will be sent an email reminder to submit your $20 payment in the form of a check made out to "University of Southern Maine". You will be asked to send your check to:

Nick Curlew
PO Box 9300, 34 Bedford Street
Portland, ME 04104-9300

NOTE: The University of Southern Maine's Business Office will not accept checks more than 30 days old. This is why we ask for payment at the conclusion of your selected sessions. CEUs will not be processed until payment is submitted.

What if you have questions about the CEU process?
Contact Nick!



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