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  Connecting to the Webinar Session:

The audio for this session will come through your computer speakers or headphones/headset attached to your computer. Please make sure that your computer speaker or headset is on and the volume is up. (The limited number of audio lines are reserved for presenters and those with accessibility issues and are available on a first come, first served basis). During the session questions will be taken online only through the chat feature.

Below are instructions for joining a session, a link for handouts you can access the week prior, and other information.

HANDOUTS: The PowerPoints and background material for current sessions are posted the week prior and can be viewed and/or printed at We urge you to review this material prior to the session. However, you do not need to have the PPTs or other handouts in front of you to participate in the session.

CONNECTING TO THE SESSION: We are now using an integrated audio for our webinars which means that the audio for the webinar will come through your computer speakers or headphones/headset attached to your computer. Access to a telephone is no longer needed! We've made some improvements to our webinar technology to allow this option.

We ask that all participants who are able to access the webinar audio through a computer do so as we have limited available phone lines, which we would like to reserve for the presenters in order that you may hear them clearly and for participants with accessibility needs. You may want to contact your IT department to ensure you are able to listen to and view Adobe Connect through your computer network.

If you have never attended an Adobe Connect Pro webinar before you may test your connection here:


1. Click on the login link provided in your confirmation or reminder e-mail. (Please do not open the link in the Google Chrome web browser given compatibility issues)

2. Enter the e-mail you registered with in the "E-mail id" box and click the "Join" button.

3. Make sure your computer speakers or headset is on and the volume is up. Click "Listen Only" on the pop-up box and you're done!

4. If you are unable to listen through your computer, you can enter your number in the space provided in the pop-up box or click on the dial in option for the call-in number and passcode. (If you have already clicked "Listen Only" you can open the pop-up box again by clicking the phone icon at the top of the screen.)

Again, we have a limited number phone lines which need to be used by the presenters and those with accessibility needs. The remaining lines are available on a first-come first-served basis.

For technical support please contact Adobe at 1-800-422-3623.

CEUs: The NRCOI now offers Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to participants for our teleconferences/webinars. Please visit the CEU portion of our website at for more information.

EVALUATION: Your feedback helps us to improve our teleconferences/webinars. Please take a moment following the session to fill in our on-line evaluation form. A link will be provided following the webinar.

We hope you enjoy the session and look forward to getting your feedback. Please email or call Marti Snyder at 1-800- HELP-KID (435-7543) if you need further assistance.



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