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Maine Roads Scholarship Program

What is the Maine Roads Scholarship Program?

The Maine Roads Scholarship Program awards money to help pay the costs of earning a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential or a college degree at any level from Associate to Master's.

2016 CDA Assessment Fee Scholarship Application

2016 CDA Preparation Program

2016 CDA Renewal Fee Scholarship Application

2016 Degree / TuitionScholarship Application

2016 Praxis Reimbursement Scholarship Application

Eligibility to Apply

To be eligible for a scholarship, all applicants must:

How the scholarship can be used

Scholarships can be used to pay for:

CDA Coursework through an agency or college – Maine Roads supports enrollment in CDA preparation programs sponsored by Maine agencies or institutions offering credit bearing coursework leading to a CDA. Maine Roads does not support the cost of non-credit or out-of-state programs.

CDA Assessment Fee – Eligible scholarship applicants can receive the $425 Assessment Fee once they have met all of the CDA requirements and are ready to apply to the Council of Professional Recognition for their Verification visit. Maine Roads does not cover the cost of the CDA Direct Assessment application packet.

Click here for more information on the Child Development Associate (CDA)

College coursework as part of a degree program or certification – Students must be formally accepted into a credit bearing early childhood education program in the state of Maine. Eligible courses of study are available at many Maine colleges and universities. Examples of eligible degree programs include: Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Special Education, Child Development, Recreation and Leisure Services with a Special Needs Focus, Social Work with an emphasis on Early Childhood and Child Care Leadership and Administration. Students who have already earned a Bachelor's degree may receive scholarship funds for courses taken toward the 081 or 282 DOE endorsements.

Scholarships can be used to help pay the cost of tuition, books and fees for courses taken during the academic year, and/or the CDA Assessment Fee. Please see the application cover sheet for detailed information about award amounts. The total cost of attending the program may not be fully covered by Maine Roads funds. Students should contact the school/program in which they want to enroll to discuss the costs of attending and the types of financial assistance or payment plans available.


How to apply

Scholarship funding is limited, so applicants should mail or fax completed applications and required documentation to Maine Roads as soon as possible. Completed applications must be submitted prior to the start of each semester according to the following:

Selection and level of financial awards are determined by completeness of the application, income eligibility, work experience, goal statements, course enrollment, and any special circumstances regarding an applicant’s need for financial assistance. The money awarded is the total award for the semester. Applicants are notified by email of their scholarship status and an eligibility letter is sent to their worksite agency or college. Payment of scholarship funds will be arranged with the agency or college business office. Maine Roads does not reimburse recipients directly.


For more information, contact:

Training Specialist, Project Assistant
Phone: (207) 626-5258