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Who can join the Registry?

There is a place for all early care and education professionals on the Maine Roads to Quality Registry. You can join if you:


Why should I join the Registry?

The Registry is an efficient system to keep track of and package your ongoing education and training. It provides you with a resource to share with current or future employers, and when applying for a formal teaching license, educational technician authorization, or other credential. Through your participation, you help to shape a more professional image for this field.

As a Maine Roads to Quality Registry member, you will receive:

The Maine Roads to Quality Registry Certificate: The Maine Roads to Quality Registry and Career Lattice recognize experience, training and education. When you join the Registry, you complete an application with supporting documentation including past work history, training completed in the past five years and proof of early education credentials that you have earned. Your level on the Career Lattice is calculated based on this information. You will receive a Registry Certificate that identifies your current level on the Career Lattice. As you gain additional experience, training, or earn an Early Childhood credential, you update your Registry record and receive a new certificate. As a Registry member, you can demonstrate to families and members of the community that you meet and probably exceed basic licensing requirements and are on a professional path. Your Registry Certificate is visible proof that you have a commitment to professional development in the early care and education field.

A Maine Roads Professional Development Profile: Your Maine Roads Professional Development Profile is a record of your education and ongoing training since you joined the Registry. Your profile is an excellent tool to document that you have met training requirements for: State Licensing, National Accreditation, obtaining a CDA (through participation in the Maine Roads Core Knowledge Training Program), and possible college credit.

Professional Development Career Counseling: As a Maine Roads Registry member, you can receive career counseling. It is often difficult to get the information you need to take the next step in your professional development. The staff at Maine Roads to Quality can help you sort through your professional goals.

Access to other Maine Roads Services: In addition to your Maine Roads to Quality Registry certificate, you may be eligible for accreditation support. As a member, your name will be on our email/mailing list for newsletters and notification of professional training opportunities.


What is the cost to join the Registry?

There is no fee to join the Registry.


What is the Difference between MRTQ and QRIS?

Please see this attachment for a handy reference.


I am already a Registry member and I have training or education documentation to submit for verification. Where do I send it?

If possible, scan and email any documentation to You can fax documentation to (207) 780-4511. You also have the option of mailing documentation to:

Maine Roads to Quality PDN, Univeristy of Southern Maine
PO Box 9300, Portland, ME 04104



For more information

Registry Manager: Pamela Prevost
Phone: (207) 780-5846

Registry Specialist: Eric Norgaard
Phone: (207) 780-4367