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On-Site Technical Assistance for Programs

What does it mean to receive “technical assistance” or “TA”?  It means you can contact MRTQ when you have questions or would like assistance with a specific issue in your program.  For example, perhaps you are wondering how you could make changes in your environment to better support the children in your program.  Or maybe you’d like some guidance on authentic assessment.  You might want feedback on how you are implementing Maine’s Early Childhood Learning Guidelines, or you may have just taken a training and want some hands-on assistance bringing your new knowledge into your program.

On-site technical assistance is available to:

MRTQ has trained staff and consultants ready to work with you and any staff you have on these issues, or any others related to early childhood education or youth development.  These TA Consultants can talk with you on the phone, connect you with other resources, and even come visit your program for on-site consultation. Our goal is to partner with you to support your work with children and families.  Together, we can become collaborative problem-solvers!

Click here to complete the TA Request Form online.

Please note: TA Requests should be generated from Owners/Directors/Family Child Care Providers or Principals

A paper copy of the TA Request Form is available by contacting Pam Soucy at the contact information listed below.

For a brief overview of TA from MRTQ, please see our TA brochure.


Communities of Practice

MRTQ PDN is supporting the development of Communities of Practice (CoPs) in all regions of Maine. Formation of the CoPs taps into existing practitioner groups, groups with a specific early childhood focus, and/or support for forming groups to bring those in the early care and education field together. MRTQ PDN provides a facilitator and groups are given opportunities for networking, topical information sharing, and/or elective training learning new knowledge or skills on a particular topic from guest speakers or through elective trainings.

For locations of upcoming meetings, please see our Communities of Practice Handout.


For more more information, contact:

Jill Downs, Technical Assistance Manager
Phone: (207) 780-5845