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Inclusion Warm Line

The Inclusion Warm Line serves as the first step in providing practical, accurate information to support the successful inclusion of children with special needs, disabilities, mental health needs, and concerning or challenging behavior in early childhood and school age programs. The Inclusion Warm Line is jointly staffed by inclusion, health, and mental health consultants from Maine Roads to Quality Professional Development Network and the University of Maine Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies.

The Inclusion Warm Line is free and confidential

Call toll-free: 1-844-209-5964


What is the Inclusion Warm Line?

Warm lines provide preventative and non-emergency person-to-person support and resources.  The Inclusion Warm Line is staffed by professionals with expertise in inclusive practices, disabilities, children’s health, social and emotional development, behavior, and early childhood mental health.  The staff can:

Who can contact the Inclusion Warm Line?

The Inclusion Warm Line is available to early childhood and school age professionals working in:

What will happen when I contact the Inclusion Warm Line?

All phone messages and emails will receive a response within one business day.
The Inclusion Warm Line Coordinator will be the initial contact.  Information will be gathered to help identify your needs, at which point you may be connected to one of the Inclusion Warm Line staff consultants with expertise in your area of need.

Inclusion Warm Line Brochure

The Inclusion Warm Line is NOT a hotline.  If your situation is serious and urgent, please treat it as an emergency and CALL 911.

Thank you for your interest in the Inclusion Warm Line.  In an effort to provide the best services possible, we are interested in your feedback.  Click on the link below to access a brief, online satisfaction survey regarding your use of the Inclusion Warm Line.