The University of Southern Maine, Muskie School is conducting an independent review of Maine’s Child Support Guidelines. As part of the review, USM is gathering feedback in order to learn of concerns or suggestions about the guidelines. This review complies with federal requirements for periodic review of each state’s Child Support Guidelines. If you would like to provide your written feedback/comments, please click here.

Links to the Guidelines as well as Maine's Child Support Table are listed below:

Maine's Child Support Guidelines
Maine's Child Support Table

Rules for Providing Written Comments

We are looking for input only about the guidelines Maine uses to establish child support orders. That includes information such as:

• Are the guidelines readily available?
• What works well with the guidelines?
• What doesn't work well with the guidelines?
• Do you have any changes that you would like to suggest?
• Do you understand how your child support was determined?
• Do you feel your child support order is fair and reasonable?

Please do not

• include any other person’s name.
• write anything self-incriminating because we might have to report it.

We cannot respond to any questions about your specific case or about the guidelines. If you have a specific concern about your case, please contact the Division of Support Enforcement and Recovery (DSER) office nearest you. DSER office locations and phone number are listed below.

Child Support Numbers



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