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This database is a simple, user-friendly tool designed to help you collect the data required for your Semi-annual Progress Reporting Form. Although use of the database is not mandatory, it provides a very useful means of collecting data in a format that is compatible with the requirements of the reporting form.

The database collects data and provides reports for the following questions of the reporting form only: More...

Please note: When used on a network, grantees must independently ensure client confidentiality. For more information, view the Data Security Checklist prepared by the National Network to End Domestic Violence.


By downloading this database, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Freeware License Agreement.

Click on the following link to download and save the database. Please note where your browser saves the file.
bullet  Database Installer (CLSSPdb1.0.exe)

Next, follow these steps to install your database:

1) Navigate to the location on your computer where your browser saved your downloaded file.

2) Double click on the CLSSPdb1.0.exe file. You will first see the box shown in following figure. Do not change the location listed in the Unzip to folder: box.

Unzip window image


3) Click Unzip. This will automatically create the C:\CLSSPdb1.0 directory of your hard drive and save six files in the folder.

4) A message box will indicate that the files have been successfully unzipped. Click OK.



5) Click Close in the remaining window.

Your database has now been saved on your computer. There are several further installation options from which you may choose. To learn more about these and to finalize the installation process, navigate to the C:\CLSSPdb1.0 folder on your computer and open the CLSSPDBInstallationInstruction.pdf file.



Database Features

bullet Collects information on specific activities and creates a summary report.

bullet Free to download and use. 

bullet Requires Microsoft Access 2000 or higher OR Microsoft Access Runtime (free download here)

bullet Does not share client-identifying information with OVW or VAWA MEI, Muskie School.
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