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  PLEASE NOTE: The Federal grant for the NRCOI ended on September 29, 2014. This website is remaining live to keep the resources and information the NRCOI has published throughout the years easily accessible. This information is not being updated.  
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  CQI Resources
NRCOI Resources:
bullet A Framework for Implementing Continuous Quality Improvement
In February 2005, a group of national child welfare experts, including agency directors, agency QI managers, child welfare supervisors and workers, researchers, policy-makers, and child welfare consumers convened to develop a framework that would guide public child welfare agencies in creating and implementing continuous quality improvement systems. This framework describes the various principles behind and components of a comprehensive CQI system in child welfare. It will ultimately be used to guide the work of public child welfare agencies participating in a national Breakthrough Series Collaborative. The presenters describe the development of this framework and how it can be used as a tool to guide the implementation of CQI systems in public child welfare agencies.
A Framework for Quality Assurance in Child Welfare
Child welfare administrators and senior managers increasingly are searching for new ways to assess their agencies' success in working with children and families. The term most often used to describe these efforts is Quality Assurance (QA). In practice, "quality assurance" has had no consistent meaning across child welfare agencies. Quality assurance efforts may range from administrative case review systems to periodic research studies to regular statistical compliance reports to comprehensive initiatives involving all these elements and more. In this guide, the National Child Welfare Resource Center for Organizational Improvement (NCWRCOI) attempts to simplify the picture by presenting a framework for child welfare QA systems. While specific QA activities often will vary across agencies, the framework includes the broad elements all agencies should consider in creating new or energizing existing QA systems. The framework also presents the main elements in the form of implementation steps and state examples to assist readers in conceptualizing application within their agencies.
NRCOI Teleconferences/Webinars
Supervisory Case Reviews: Tools to Monitor and Improve Practice
One of the lessons learned in the first round of Program Improvement Plans was the critical role of supervisors in monitoring and promoting improvements in practice – such as completing comprehensive assessments or increasing family engagement. One tool agencies are developing to help supervisors in this role is supervisory reviews, in which supervisors do regular structured case reviews with caseworkers focused on agency outcomes and desired practices. This call featured the work of two states that have developed supervisory review processes as part of their quality improvement systems. Representatives describe these systems, share the tools that are being used, and participate in a discussion of approaches to engaging supervisors in monitoring practice.
bullet Using Data in the CFSR and Beyond
During this call, presenters from the National Resource Center for Data and Technology (NRC-CWDT) and National Child Welfare Resource Center for Organizational Improvement (NRCOI) focus on the state data profiles, and how they can be used effectively in the statewide assessment process and throughout the Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) process. Presenters also discuss how agencies can continue to feed critical performance data back to program managers and staff in the field to promote program improvements, and how states are using data as part of ongoing quality improvement feedback loops within agencies.
Enhancing Performance in Contracts: Outcomes and Monitoring
With increasing pressure to achieve outcomes, many child welfare agencies are passing performance expectations on to their contractors by negotiating outcomes in contracts. This teleconference explores how to use this approach to actually improve performance. Critical steps include: setting the stage for performance, working collaboratively with providers to negotiate outcomes, monitoring agencies vigorously, and supporting expectations with an agency-wide quality improvement program. We highlight the most recent developments in performance based contracting in Illinois, as agency performance teams monitor new contract expectations focused on permanency and other quality measures.
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