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Training Systems T/TA Services:

PLEASE NOTE: The Federal grant for the NRCOI ended on September 29, 2014. This website is remaining live to keep the resources and information the NRCOI has published throughout the years easily accessible. This information is not being updated.

The NRCOI’s T/TA approach to child welfare training issues focused on building effective training systems. Lessons from the CFSR confirmed the importance of focusing on the training system and its integration into the fabric of the child welfare system, not just to look at the individual components of a training program. Our definition of a training system is, necessarily, broad and comprehensive. A training system is comprised of the people (trainers, managers and universities), resources (financial, technical), and policies and procedures combined into a coherent whole. The purpose of the training system is to plan, provide, support, and evaluate formal and informal instruction, learning opportunities, and ongoing professional development aimed at improving agency outcomes.

Through our T/TA, we helped agency administrators, training managers and university partners think about their training system as a management tool that supports the work and mission of the agency, sustains organizational improvements and assures that personnel at every level have the needed values, attitudes and skills.  We also helped agencies understand that, in order to be effective, a training system should, at a minimum, support and link with the agency’s  practice model, supervision, management and other internal systems, such as policy, QA and case review and the agency’s external partners and the services they provide. Using many elements in Cutler’s publication, Building Effective Training Systems for Child Welfare Agencies, we will provided tools and T/TA that helped agencies and their university partners assess and improve their training systems’ infrastructure and training for frontline social workers/case managers, supervisors, managers, and external partners and stakeholders.


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