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National Webinar Program:

We linked States and Tribes by phone and web to share information and hear from experts on topics they identified as crucial to the management of child welfare agencies.

Listed below are the archives of webinar/teleconference sessions from years past.

2014 Winter Webinar Series

bullet January 14, 2014: Incredible Years in San Diego
bullet January 28, 2014: Triple P in San Francisco
bullet February 6, 2014: Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) for Courts and Child Welfare: Collaborations to Improve Outcomes

2013 Fall Webinar Series

bullet September 26, 2013: "New Hampshirizing" Implementation Research: Making It Work for Your System
bullet October 29, 2013: Scaling Up an Evidence Based Intervention: A Discussion of Implementation

2012/2013 Winter Webinar Series

bullet November 15, 2012: Building Systems to Support Trauma-Informed Practice
bullet January 10, 2013: Expanding Trauma-Informed Services in Child Welfare Systems

2012 Spring Webinar Series

bullet March 27, 2012: Getting to Outcomes: An Approach to Implementing Systemic Change
bullet May 17, 2012: Assessing and Improving Organizational Culture and Climate
bullet June 19, 2012: Coaching Change

2011 Fall Webinar Series

bullet September 29, 2011: Performance Based Contracting and Quality Assurance: Building Systems to Support Success
bullet October 25, 2011: Resources for Supervisory Training
bullet November 29, 2011: Implementing and Sustaining Practice Models

2010/2011 Winter Webinar Series

bullet December 14, 2010: Supervisors as Leaders of Practice Change:  Tools and Approaches

January 20, 2011: Leading Efforts to Identify and Address Disparities: A Response to Disproportionality

bullet February 8, 2011: Collaborating with Courts to Reduce and Eliminate Disparities
bullet March 15, 2011: Strategies to Support School Stability and Continuity:  Part 1
bullet April 12, 2011: Strategies to Support School Stability and Continuity:  Part 2

2010 Spring/Summer Teleconferences/Webinars

bullet March 25: Strategic Thinking to Align Initiatives and Integrate Management, Supervision and Practice

April 13: Substance Abuse Treatment: Gone Astray in Service Array?

bullet May 6: Building Ongoing Stakeholder Involvement in Program Improvement and the Life of the Agency
bullet June 3: Implementing Effective and Efficient Services Through Court/Child Welfare Data Exchange
bullet July 15: Working Across Systems to Improve Outcomes for Young Children

2009 Late Winter/Spring Teleconferences/Webinars

bullet February 12: Training to Improve Practice in Rural Areas: Innovative Strategies and Resources

March 5: Experiences with Systems Change: Building Systems of Care

bullet April 7: Improving Agency/Court Collaboration: Strategies for Success

May 7: Evidence Based Practice in Child Welfare

bullet May 28: Supporting Effective Child Welfare Supervision #1: A Framework

June 16: Supporting Effective Child Welfare Supervision #2: Moving Forward

2008 Summer/Fall Teleconferences/Webinars

bullet October 23: Bringing Prevention to the Table: Strategies for Improving Outcomes

December 4: Recruitment and Retention of a Qualified Workforce Lessons Learned

2008 Spring Teleconferences/Webinars

bullet Being Successful: Meaningful Collaboration to Improve Outcomes for Families with Substance Use Disorders: A Two-Part Webinar Series
- April 24: Moving Forward: Using Tools and Technical Assistance
- May 6: States and Communities Sharing Their Experiences: Strength and Hope for Recovery for Children and Families

Recruitment and Retention of a Qualified Workforce: A Three-Part Series (Parts 1 and 2 offered Spring 2008; Part 3 offered Fall 2008.)
April 29: Issues and Promising Strategies: Recruitment and Retention
- May 20: More Promising Strategies: Recruitment and Retention

bullet May 15: Lessons Learned: PIP Development

June 3: Building Systems of Care to Improve Child Welfare Outcomes

bullet June 17: Enhancing the Service Array in Child Welfare

June 26: Building An Effective Child Welfare Training System

2007 Fall Teleconferences

bullet November 8: Supervisory Case Reviews: Tools to Monitor and Improve Practice

November 13: Transforming Residential Care: Building an Array of Community Based Services

bullet November 29: Involving Families in the CFSR Process

2007 Spring Teleconferences

bullet April 30: Advocating for the Educational Needs of Children in Out-of-Home Care: The Colorado Experience

May 3: Strengthening Supervision

On Collaboration

bullet May 31: Building and Maintaining State-Tribal Partnerships to Improve Child Welfare Programs

June 14: Engaging Youth in the CFSR and Program Improvements

bullet June 26: Engaging Courts and Building Court/Agency Collaboration

On Data

bullet May 22: CFSR Data Indicators and Composites

June 5: Using Data in the CFSR and Beyond

2006 Teleconferences

bullet April 13: Keeping Children Safe: Strategies to Reduce Recurrence of Maltreatment

April 25: Solution Focused Practice (Part 1)

bullet May 4: Solution Focused Practice (Part 2)

May 25: Solution Focused Practice (Part 3)

bullet June 6: Performance Based Contracts: Making Deals with Providers

May 2 and 11: Preparing the Annual Progress and Services Review (APSR) for the Child and Family Services Plan (CFSP)

bullet November 9: Using Coordinated Technical Assistance to Improve Placement Stability

November 30: Enhancing Performance in Contracts: Outcomes and Monitoring

2005 Teleconference Programs

bullet April 26: Improving the Service Array in Child Welfare

May 5: So Your PIP Is Over: Ongoing Program Improvement

bullet May 12: Using Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) Resources Strategically to Improve Your Agency

June 9: A Framework for Implementing Continuous Quality Improvement

bullet October 11: Community Partnerships for Protecting Children

October 18: Leadership Teleconference

bullet November 10: Engaging Providers in Systems Reform

2004 Teleconference Programs

bullet February 12: Strategic Planning: How to Move Your Agency Toward Improved Outcomes through Strategic Planning

April 1: Looking at the CFSR Data: What We Are Learning about Tribal/State Relationships, the Consultation Process, and ICWA Compliance Issues

bullet April 8: Program Improvement Planning: What Have We Learned from the First Year of PIP Implementation?

April 13: PIP Measurement Strategies

bullet April 29: Investing In Front End Services

May 11: Using QA Data and Information at the Local Level

bullet May 18: Successful Media Strategies: Working with the Media to Improve the Image of Child Welfare

June 1: Making and Sustaining Cultural Change

bullet June 10: Supporting Permanent Placements: Post-Permanency Services

September 9: Child Welfare Leadership’s Use of Data and Information

bullet September 16: Getting Providers on Board: Outcomes Focused Contracting

September 21: Assessing Your Agency’s Training System

2003 Teleconference Programs

Child and Family Services Reviews

bullet March 20: Child and Family Services Reviews—Lessons Learned

March 27: Engaging Stakeholders in Program Improvements

bullet May 8: ICWA in the Context of the CFSR—Tribal/State Relations

September 16: Applying a Quality Assurance Framework for Child Welfare

Program Improvement Plans

April 8: Developing Program Improvement Plans: A Federal Update

bullet April 15: Program Improvement Planning for Systemic Change in Child Welfare Practice – Part I

April 17: Program Improvement Planning for Systemic Change in Child Welfare Practice – Part II

bullet April 22: Measuring and Reporting Progress on Program Improvement Plans

Implementing Systemic Change

bullet April 29: Overcoming Systemic Barriers to Concurrent Planning

May 20: Managing Child Welfare Agencies in a Time of Limited Resources

bullet September 23: Staff and Provider Training: Linking Planning, Training and Evaluation

October 16: Permanency Planning for Indian Children—Defining New Approaches and Opportunities

Interagency Collaboration

May 13: Promising Practices for Improving Health Care for Children in Foster Care

bullet June 3: Strategies to Expand Services in Rural Areas

October 28: Protecting Children: Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships of the Child Welfare and Judicial Systems

bullet November 6: Collaborations to Meet Children’s Mental Health Needs

November 13: Emerging Issues Related to Domestic Violence and Child Welfare



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