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  Coaching in Child Welfare Resources

Below are some state coaching documents and other resources on coaching that we gathered as NRCOI developed the Summer, 2012 issue of our newsletter, Child Welfare Matters on Coaching in Child Welfare.  We list them to point those interested in developing or strengthening coaching programs to resources and information about how coaching programs in child welfare are being structured. 

State Documents

Coaching Agreements
Memorandum of Understanding - Tennessee
For use between field coaches and newly hired DCS case managers.
Coaching Letter, Agreement and Protocol on Coaching for New DCS Supervisors - Tennessee
  For use between coach and new supervisor.
Ohio Child Welfare Training Program Coaching Agreement - Ohio
Coaching Plans
Total Action Plan - Central California
Action Plan Worksheet and Feedback Form - Northern California (pg. 22 & 23)
Coaching Plan - Tennessee
Coaching Programs
Coaching to Support Solution Based Casework - Washington - NCWWI Webinar and PPT Material
Ohio Child Welfare Training Program - Coaching Program
The Catawba County Child Wellbeing Project
  Implementing a Post-Care Service System in Child Welfare
  Using Implementation Science to Support and Align Practice and System Change
  Building The Child Wellbeing Project
  These papers describe the process of designing and implementing a post-care system in Catawba County, NC, including a strong coaching plan.
Training and Resources for Coaches
Coaching in Child Welfare: Two-Day Training Curriculum - Atlantic Coast Child Welfare Implementation Center
Coaching Training - Atlantic Coast Child Welfare Implementation Center
Field Mentor Program for New Family Case Manager training - Trainer Manual - Indiana
Supervisor and Mentor Guide - Oklahoma
Peer Coaching Manual - Indiana
Practice Model Expectations: Peer Coaches - Indiana
Field Based Trainer Handbook, Appendix, and Tools - Central California
Field Trainer's Guide for the Tools for Excellence for Supervisors and Managers in Child Welfare - Northern California
Mentoring in the Workplace - Georgia
Ohio Child Welfare Training Program Coaching Resources- Ohio
Indiana DCS Curriculum
Trainer manual (45 pages)
Participant manual (17 pages)
Case study packet (9 pages)
Other Resources
Coaching in Child Welfare
  Child Welfare Matters, National Child Welfare Resource Center for Organizational Improvement, Summer 2012
Coaching Toolkit for Child Welfare Practice, from the Northern California Training Academy includes:
  - Background information - an introduction to coaching, the value of coaching, a framework and foundation theories that form the basis for coaching (Chapter 1, 2 and 3)
  - A discussion of two approaches ot the coaching process (Ch. 5), 4 models agencies can use to structure coaching (Chapter 6), and who serves as a coach (Ch. 9)
  - Specific coaching skills (Ch. 4)
  - Information on implementation including change agents and developing an implementation plan (Ch. 7) and on readiness including creating a culture to support coaching and assessing the learning environment (Ch. 8)
  - Evaluating coaching (Ch. 10) and other considerations such as ethics and developing coaching agreements (Ch. 11)
  - Five videos on developing coaching agreements (1), coaching sessions (2, 3), meetings to discuss the coaching process (4) and setting goals with supervisors (5)
Leadership Academy for Supervisors
  An on-line training program for supervisors interested in becoming leaders. The Core Leadership Program offers a course on Leading People, which describes the importance of coaching, introduces the GROW model, and provides examples.
Leadership Academy for Supervisors: Take the Lead Series - Coaching Strategies (one hour module for supervisors)
Supervisor Training Project by Topic: Mentoring and Coaching
  A list of mentoring and coaching programs for child welfare supervisors drawn from interviews NRCOI conducted with child welfare training staff.
Basics of Coaching: A brief review of recent literature
  Northeast and Carribean Implementation Center, March 2010
Improving Employee Performance through Coaching
  Children's Services Practice Notes, North Carolina Division of Social Services and the Family and Children's Resource Program, Vol 13, No. 2, March 2008
Supervisor Coaching and Mentoring - NRCOI Peer Training Network Webinar August 15, 2013
  Highlights supervisor coaching and mentoring programs in New Hampshire and Indiana.
Coaching Change - NRCOI, June 19, 2012
  Highlights the role of coaches, supervisors, and managers in supporting implementation of a new practice model at one site in New Jersey.
Coaching for Solution Focused Practice - NCWWI, September 26, 2012
Evaluating Coaching - CalSWEC, December 6, 212

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