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  PLEASE NOTE: The Federal grant for the NRCOI ended on September 29, 2014. This website is remaining live to keep the resources and information the NRCOI has published throughout the years easily accessible. This information is not being updated.  
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April 18, 2013: Staff Satisfaction Surveys
Request: “Claudine Chiarmonte, the Director of the Office of Quality at the New Jersey Department of Children and Families, asked for information relating to a staff satisfaction survey effort: New Jersey’s Department of Children and Families is looking into creating and administering a department-wide employee satisfaction survey to include all of its divisions and offices: Child Protection and Permanency, Women, Children’s System of Care, Family and Community Partnerships, Adolescent Services, Licensing, Education, Child Welfare Training Academy, Administration and Legal Affairs , Research, Evaluation and Reporting, Human Resources, Communications and Public Affairs, and Business Operations. If you have any experience and/or examples of employee surveys, would you be willing to share them?”
Materials shared in response to this request:
- Survey information from NRCOI's CQI Research Project
- North Dakota Stakeholder Survey (refer to page 33 for the employee satisfaction piece)
- Survey Research from Sandra Slappey, Quality Assurance Manager, Arlington County Department of Human Services
- Indiana Workforce Climate Survey
- Texas Survey of Employee Engagement

January 25, 2013: Investigation Review Instruments
Request: "Katherine Guffey from Arizona is looking for information from the CQI Peer Network on reviewing investigations. Do any of you have examples of short and simple instruments designed to review the quality of investigations? If you have examples or related ideas please let us know."
Materials shared in response to this request:
- Arkansas Assessment Checklist for Supervisors
- Arkansas DCFS Child Protection Review Tool
- Florida Quality of Practice Standards for the Assessment of Child Protective Investigations
- Florida Child Protective Investigations QA Fidelity Tool (Draft)
- Mississippi Evaluation and Monitoring Onsite Review Instrument
- Mississippi Maltreatment in Care Review Instrument and Reference Guide
- New Hampshire Assessment Component Onsite Review Instrument and Instructions (Draft)
- Texas Expanded Investigation Reading Guide - Quality Assurance Reader Guide
- Book Chapter: Rzepnicki, T. L., Johnson, P. R., Kane, D. Q., Moncher, D., Coconato, L., & Shulman, B. (2012). Learning from data: The beginning of error reduction in Illinois child welfare. In T. L. Rzepnicki, G. McCracken & H. E. Briggs (Eds.), From Task-Centered Social Work to Evidence-Based and Integrative Practice: Reflections on History and Implementation. Chicago: Lyceum Books, Inc.
- Article: Rzepnicki, T. L., & Johnson, P. R. (2005). Examining decision errors in child protection: A new application of root cause analysis. Children and Youth Services Review, 27, 393-407.
- Article: Palusci, V. J., Yager, S., & Covington, T. M. (2010). Effects of a Citizens Review Panel in preventing child maltreatment fatalities. Child Abuse & Neglect, 34, 324-331.
- Manual: A Program Manual for Child Death Review. Ed. Theresa Covington, Valodi Foster, Sara Rich. The National Center for Child Death Review, 2005.


March 11, 2011: Root Cause Analysis Tools
Request: "Tony Nease from Tennessee is looking for information from other QI Peer Network members who use root cause analysis.  Specifically, do any of you have any root cause analysis tools you have used that you would be willing to share with Tony (and other members of the Network who might be interested)?  Also, do you have any recommendations for root cause analysis resources Tony and others could access?"
Materials shared in response to this request:
- Virginia Root Cause Analysis for Process Improvement
- The Home for Little Wanderers, Boston, MA - A Framework for a Root Cause Analysis and Action Plan


October 18, 2010: QA and Administrative Review Processes
Request: "Rhode Island would like to revise/supplement its current foster care review process to include some key principles and practice issues related to the CFSR as well as the state's new System of Care approach.  The goal of this effort is to focus more consistently on key outcomes and principles across various QA and review processes, and through resulting data reports distributed to local managers and supervisors. Have any of you tried something similar or related in your agencies?  If so, do you have any advice, sample instruments and/or resulting data reports your Rhode Island colleagues could review as they develop ideas for revising their foster care review process in this way?”
Materials shared in response to this request:
- Michigan's Foster Care Review Board Report
- Michigan's Guidelines Re: Recommendations and Report of Items Reviewed
- Kentucky's Citizen Foster Care Review Board Annual Report (FY 2009)

July 7, 2010: CQI Team Charters
Request: "Nebraska is in the process of creating a Statewide CQI team and local Service Area CQI teams and would like to formalize these teams with charters that specify their goals, membership, operations etc.  If any of you have examples of CQI Team charters we could review or advice about and experience with creating similar charters (e.g., the process for creating them, key elements within the charters, etc.), would you share that with us so Nebraska can benefit from your work?"
Materials shared in response to this request:
- APHSA Chartering Template (used by TX)

- Fairfax, VA: QA Team's Vision, Mission, and Values Statement
- Fairfax, VA: QA Plan (draft)
- TN Team Charter for the Smoky Mountain Assessment and Resource Team

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