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  PLEASE NOTE: The Federal grant for the NRCOI ended on September 29, 2014. This website is remaining live to keep the resources and information the NRCOI has published throughout the years easily accessible. This information is not being updated.  
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  Materials from Previous Calls:
April 12, 2012: A Trauma Informed Child Welfare System
January 17, 2012: Experiences with Fatherhood Initiatives
October 18, 2011: CFSR Second Round Findings and Peer to Peer Efforts of the NRC-CWDT
July 19, 2011: Reaching and Engaging Non-Resident Fathers in Child Welfare
- PowerPoint Presentation, National Quality Improvement Center on Non-Resident Fathers
March 8, 2011: Placement Stability Strategies States are Using in their PIPs
- Placement Stability Resources, Joe Murray, NRC-CWDT
- Hawaii Placement Stability Notes, John Walters & Liz Kazama
January 18, 2011: Exploration of Forming a Child Welfare Practice Model Peer Network
bullet January 19, 2010: Update / Summary of Network Survey Findings; What's Going on with the CFSRs? (Linda Mitchell and Will Hornsby)
bullet April 20, 2010: Negotiating and Re-Negotiating the PIP; PIP Monitoring and Reporting
bullet October 19, 2010: Identifying the Underlying Factors Related to Placement Stability in Florida
bullet January 13, 2009: Purpose / Usefulness of the Network; States with Upcoming 2009 CFSRs; States Working on PIPs
bullet March 10, 2009: Implementation Centers; Approved PIPs and Round 2 Final Reports
bullet May 26, 2009: Economic Downturn and States Strategies on how to Maximize Resources
bullet July 7, 2009: PIP Negotiations and Re-Negotiations
bullet September 15, 2009: Health Care Oversight and Coordination per the Fostering Connections Act; Managing PIP Implementation
bullet January 8, 2008: Managing the Case Selections for the On-Site Review; Setting PIP Measurement Improvement Percentages; Orientation Packets to Prepare State-Level Stakeholders for Interviews
bullet January 31, 2008: Special Call for County Administered States; Strategies Used to Make all Counties Feel Part of the CFSR; Consistency Across Counties in for Service Delivery, etc.
bullet March 4, 2008: How the PIP Development and Review/Approval Process Has Gone for Early CFSR States; Final Reports Following the Onsite Review; Review of the Children's Bureau CFSP/APSR Toolkit; 2008 Onsite Reviews
bullet July 8, 2008: Bringing the PIP Down to the County/Local Level; CFSR/APSR: The New Online Toolkit and Integrating the CFSR into Your Five-Year CFSP
bullet September 9, 2008: States' Efforts to Incorporate Themes into Their PIPs; CFSP/APSR
bullet November 18, 2008: Integrating the CFSR PIP and the CFSPs/APSRs
bullet January 9, 2007: Discussion from States in the Process of Developing Statewide Assessments
bullet March 20, 2007: Coordinated and Integrated Planning
bullet September 11, 2007: Minimum Improvement Relating to the National Standards; PIP Matrix
bullet November 13, 2007: CFSR and the Media; CFSR Kick-Offs
bullet November 7, 2006: Timeframes for the CFSR Activities; Involvement of Internal and External Stakeholders in the Second CFSR
bullet November 3, 2005: Purpose of the Network

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